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           Car Parking Simulator is a fully interactive, realistic and immersive car parking experience. The game has one of the best vehicle physics simulations in VR. Interact and experience the realistic and dynamic behavior of car handling and parking to its fullest. 

Explore the escalating levels of challenges across different terrains and captivating environments that are engaging and fun to drive on.

Please tell us your feedback on our Discord - https://discord.gg/F63tbYT

Please buy the game on APP LAB (Link below)


Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorSloppy Studios
TagsOculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Singleplayer, Virtual Reality (VR)
InputsOculus Rift


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Car Parking Simulator v1.6.3.apk 378 MB

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Hi, are the app lab keys still available if you bought the game on itch? If so, how do I obtain one?

Yes, Please mail us on sloppystudio@gmail.com with you itch email id. After confirmation we will share the key.

when will the game come out on steam


Hi, We already submitted the game to Steam Store and the launch date is 3rd Jan (today). So hoping to get it live today only. If anything goes wrong then the launch might push by a week. 

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Hi, The game is live on Steam now.


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Trying to organize my Quest games and was wondering if its possible to get a key for the game for App Lab if you own the game through itch?

I bought it a while ago and sideloaded it.


Hi, Sure. Just share itch email id on sloppystudio@gmail.com and after verification, I will share the App Lab key.

When will it be out on steam its 27.9 bus you said that it would come out at 21.9

I bought this game on here and I was wondering if I could get a oculus key for my quest?

Got your mail also, have responded over the mail

when is the game realissing on steam

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

I have HTC VIVE how do I play the game and download it?

how do i install the game?

Hi I have a question like how do I pay games on itch.io if I don't use USD money?

I own this game on itch.io, and I bought it a year ago.

Is it possible for me to get an oculus key for it?

Yes ofcourse,  Shared the key with you on mail

i never got a oculus key

hi, please mail us at sloppystudio@gmail.com with you itch email id. After verification we will share thr app lab key

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I’ve done that nothing after 4 days

that's strange because we have not received any email. We did recieved 3 mails requesting app Lab key and we provided them.

Please resend the mail to sloppystudio@gmail.com or you can leave your email id here in comments and after receiving the App Lab key delete your email id comment.

hey found your email.... It was in spams folder not sure why

Oh nice

when will it be reallised on steam ith has ben like 5 month when will it come out on steam?


Sorry for the delay, we will release the game in September 21.

Ok thanks so is it going to be free on steam when it comes out?

App-Lab-Version has 65 levels and the more expensive Steam-Version only 45?!?!

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Hi, Steam version has 80 levels with much bigger city.  We will update that in steam description.

Bought on itch.io but I want a key for Abb Lab


Can you please shoot a mail to us sloppystudio@gmail.com with your registered itch email id so that we can verify. 

when is it gonna be free on steam? XD

can you put it on Quest App Lab please?

Hi, we have applied for the App Link. We are waiting for the green signal from Oculus team.

Hi, It's available on app lab. You can get it from here


When is this coming out on steam, and will it be the same price?


Hi, yeah it's coming to steam next month for 15$ . It has different levels with high end graphics.

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you can take it out on oculus quest store please

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When you buy it on here, will we be able to get a discount or steam code on the steam version when it comes out? And does it have or will it have support for steering wheels and gear shifters?

When you buy it here, it'll give you the APK file that you then import into Sidequest whilst your oculus quest is connected and it downloads onto your unknown sources on the oculus quest (make sure you're in developer mode and also make sure allow unknown sources is on :) ).

I think what I am asking is when it comes out on steam, will I be able to transfer over to the steam version and use my rift s on there or do I have to buy it separately (since I am using my friends quest to play). And in the future, do you have any intentions of adding racing steering wheel and shift knob support to the steam version? Awesome game btw!


Hi, Glad to hear that you loved our game. 

Steam version is different from the quest version with New levels and high end graphics. Thus you will have buy it seperately. If everything goes right we should be able to launch by Dec end or Jan for sure. 

And it will not support steering wheel as the whole game is designed keeping the 6 DOF controls. But yeah, we might think of adding it later on. 

ok well what about the oculus quest version. If it gets approved to be on the quest store then will people that buy it here get it free there? 


Our game is not coming to official quest store. So you don't have to worry about it. Even if it gets on the store then you will get it for free.

What is device requirement to play this?


Oculus quest is need to play this game

Hi, how do you unlock the city driving mode?

Just unlock SUV and you city mode will unlock. In case if it's not working , update the game. You can join our Discord server https://discord.gg/rNQZke

Thank you!

Great idea! keep going and never give up. Some day you will be from the best game developers in the world. Have a great time on making video games.

Thanks for the motivation. It means a lot  :) 

hey. I have commented about rear view mirror: it’s okay with brightness (but I like to have set it a little bit). But the main point was about it’s not mirror correctly - when moving back the objects on the left side of car appear on the right side of the mirror. :)


Thank you very much for bringing this to us.  We will release an update tomorrow.

And we are working on new features like manually adjusting mirrors and new levels. Stay tuned.  


Sloppy Studio. 

Super like! That’s a match.

does this work on steamVR (vive/oculus rift/WMR)


We currently are working on its release across Steam and Oculus Rift. Follow us here for the updates. 


Sloppy Studio. 

This looks really great,will you ever make it non vr compatible?


Hi BlueSubaru, 

For the  time being, we do not have any plans to publish this title in a non VR platform. But our studio may publish other titles across other non VR platforms in the future. 

Thank you for showing your interest.


Sloppy Studios

Game looks great - I'd like to see a small demo if possible before buying (perhaps just one car/level?)  Are you planning more interactivity, e.g. adjustable mirrors, foggy windows/air-con/demister, blinkers/wipers?

Deleted 2 years ago